"They're good- believe me! You may count on Borden's Chateau for that! It has a amazing way with all of the factors you make with cheese- from sandwiches to souffles! Hunt for Chateau in its colorful new wrapper at your meals shop. 1/2-lb- pkg. (plain or pimento) or 2-lb. loaf."

Borden's Fine Cheeses

Lots of dash for your "one hot dish" Borden's Grated American!

"Show me a truly dashing dish of scalloped potatoes or macaroni patek philippe prices ," says Elsie, "and I will show you a cook who makes these fine old standbys with Borden's Grated American Cheese! Grated fine, it melts and blankets every single morsel with truthful cheese goodness! Your store has Borden's Grated American in 2-oz. and 4-oz. shaker top canisters with colorful new labels. "

Like Swiss cheese? You are going to adore "Borden's Gruyere!"

"I expect you are going to yodel for joy if you taste Borden's Gruyere Cheese," predicts Elsie. "It's delicious-made from that superb nut-sweet Swiss cheese that's the pride of Wisconsin's fine cheese-makers. It has each of the flavor of finest Swiss, aged nine months or a lot more. Take it along for any picnic treat! Borden's packs it in 1-oz. portions-six in a handy, re-usable circular box of clear plastic. At your dairy counter."

If it's Borden's, it is got to be superior!

"Who says you cant teach a hot dog new tricks" - asks Elsie, the Borden Cow (Jun best replica swiss watches , 1949)

"Who says you cant teach a hot dog new tricks" - asks Elsie, the Borden Cow

Try Elsies Hot Diggity Dogs!
(-and taste the wealthy cheese goodness that Borden's Chateau adds to the well-liked frank!)

"It's tricks like this that make a picnic click," rhymes Elsie. "And this one's straightforward: "Cut frankfurters lengthwise, but not rather by way of. Spread reduce sides with mustard. patek philippe copy Spot thick strips of Borden's Chateau in every single frankfurter. (Now watch your cheese! Chateau's just suitable! Its mellow Cheddar flavor has a great deal of zip. And it melts so well-soft, not stringy!) "Wrap a strip of bacon about every single frank and fasten with toothpicks. Grill till bacon is crisp and cheese is melted. Serve on toasted rolls.

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